July 12, 2014

Viglink is an Easy way to Earn Money Online

·         When I no longer had access to Amazon affiliate program due to my states law. I became a publisher for viglink and I added brand names, stores and products to my review posts. These specific words were then monetized and this is what enabled me to earn money online.   
What I liked about the viglink is the concept; once my publisher needs are set up in my account then I need not do anymore. The optimizer monetizes specific words with a relevant product link.  
 Here is an example:  On my 
garden blog I will write “Transplant indoor herbs into the ceramic planters I bought at amazon.com. Then viglink robots will come and read my blog and update the vendor and product information with an advertiser’s link.
 Unlike amazon I found that viglink was an easy way to earn money online because I did not have to waste time looking for product widgets.  
Viglink is not like infolinks; software that picks up keywords as a hyperlink and these links seldom relate to the blog post.  The viglink is only added when you write about products or stores; as an example if your write about a camera you would use the camera name, and the link would apply for the specific camera.
I am not expert, as I become a publisher at viglink last month, but my first months earning enabled me to pay my water bill.   

Learn more about viglink here 

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Marsha Cooper said...

I'm going to have to look in to this.
Why can you no longer be an amazon affiliate?
I lost my google adsense right in the beginning.
I need something else to monetize my blog.
Will this work with any blog post to pick words like I see in some websites?

I'm no follow and don't know how to change it, so if you reply, my email is marsha.seiberling@gmail.com

Alrady said...

Thanks Marsha.. It was Susan Golis that wrote this.. I believe it is state laws (and everyone shold check theirs) limiting the affiliate earnings by amazon in their state.

I believe to make your site a follow site you have to set it in settings ...

Susan Golis is on facebook and might be able to answer your questions about viglink.

S Golis said...


In reply to your question, I ceased in being an affiliate marketer at amazon due to my states laws.

Okay viglink is not like infolinks that picks up keywords as a hyperlink. Viglink is only added when you write about products or stores; as an example if your write about a camera you would use the camera name.

VigLink doesn’t affect your adsense earnings and in your case VigLink is a good Alternative to Adsense.

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